The LA Marathon

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I've been meaning to write this post for awhile now but in the chaos of the move I misplaced my camera card.  Oops!

A few weeks ago Tyler ran his first marathon.  He had decided only a month prior that he wanted to run it and up until that point hadn't had any training whatsoever.  Once he signed up he began a vigorous and dedicated running routine.  He was worried that he wouldn't finish, but I never doubted him!

Our last night in our old house was two nights before the race.  It also happened to be the night that an incredible light installation was set up to commemorate the marathon's 30th anniversary.  There were a cluster of lights set up at every mile of the marathon route and from our house we had an excellent view of them.  We spent the evening wandering around our neighborhood tying to find the best shot while reminiscing on all the good times we'd shared there.

On Sunday morning we were up at 4:00 AM and I dropped Ty off at Dodger's stadium.  He was giddy with excitement and I had butterflies in my stomach as I drove off.  A few friends watched him at mile 7 and a few others and myself were there to cheer him on at mile 13.  I was shaking with excitement as I saw him approach the halfway mark!

After he passed I got in my car and headed out to Santa Monica to await him near the finish.  I was getting text alerts every 10k so I had a good idea of when he would be coming up to the end.  The anticipation as I waited to be able to see him was almost unbearable and when I finally saw him come into view I started screaming my lungs out!  There were no words to describe the excitement and pride I felt as I watched him run that last block!! I am 100% convinced that he can do anything he sets his mind to, and I am lucky to be married to a guy who inspires and motivates me so much.

Before this experience I never understood why people ran marathons.  I couldn't fathom why someone would put themselves through such torture just for a medal.  But as I watched the city come together to cheer on people they didn't even know, it began to make sense.  There were people from all walks of life running together; old, young, fast, slow, some in wheelchairs, some in handchairs, some pushing others.  While I was standing near the end waiting for Ty there were a few runners who seemed on the verge of giving up.  They were hunched over, obviously in a lot of pain.  And everyone on the sidelines just kept encouraging them- "You can do it! You're almost there!"  and that would give them the strength they needed to finish that last little bit.  I realized that marathons are more than just a race; they are a test of the human spirit and a celebration of overcoming obstacles.  I was moved by the experience of watching, and I know Tyler was changed by the experience of running.

Have you ever run a marathon?  Would you ever?

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  1. That's such an accomplishment, Amanda! You should be proud of your man . . . who is a VERY tall man as well! Wow! I have many friends who run in all sorts of races--traveling to different states or cities to get in on the latest marathon. They've formed a group called, "Sole Sisters" and they are very tight-knit. I think it's because, like you've described, there's this encouragement that comes with running. It is like no other kind of arena. It reminds me of why the apostle Paul would compare our spiritual walk to a race. We must all cheer each other on so that we don't grow weary and give up! Great thoughts, my friend!

  2. That light installation is absolutely spectacular! Congrats to Ty on the run :)