2014 In Review- Part I

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I always find the task of looking back over my year to be both exciting and exhausting.  I look at some photos and can hardly believe they were taken almost a year ago, yet other memories feel like they are decades old.  Time is such a funny thing, isn't it?  This year I've noticed how popular lists have become... 27 Ways to Make Your Groceries Last as Long as Possible, 5 Things That Make Californians Weird, and (my personal favorite) 26 Reasons Kids Are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults.  Yet I consistently find it difficult to sum up 365 days into one little list.  So I'm doing it in two!  I love looking back at my past years in review and remembering all the wonderful memories I have to be thankful for.  So without further ado...

j a n u a r y

We rang in the new year exhausted, relieved, and holding each other close.  We thanked God for the health of Nana and I stupidly ate garlic right before the New Year's kiss.  Good thing I married a guy who was willing to kiss me anyway :)

We explored and fell even more in love with our city.

f e b r u a r y

I celebrated my sweet friend's birthday with a laugh-and-sangria-filled girls' weekend in Arizona

Ty & I celebrated Valentine's Day with love notes, dinner, drinks and dancing in the park

We took a trip with our good friends to Cambria

m a r c h

I discovered really quickly that online classes were not my jam.  I vowed to finish mine quickly but instead dragged them out for 8 more months.

We played a second season with our church's softball team and contributed to a record-breaking three straight seasons of being un-undefeated (that is, never winning a game. Not one.)

I got to meet up with a friend-via-blogging who quickly became a friend-via-real-life.  I marveled at the ability of technology to bring people together.

(photo via instagram @chantelklassen) 

a p r i l

We celebrated this guy's birthday with a delicious dinner and a fun beer tasting party

We celebrated Easter with both of our families and I felt oh-so thankful to be related to such great people; both by blood and otherwise.  Now all I need is to teach a few of them how to smile.

m a y

I turned a quarter-century.  But more excitingly, my dad turned a half-century!  We celebrated with tacos and a pinata filled with slim jims and mini plastic tequila bottles, naturally.

j u n e

We celebrated weddings and had some much-needed reunions.

(photo via TreCreative Photography)

(photo via Kelly Smith)

I said goodbye to my grandpa, who had just turned 91.  I remembered all of the times we'd had phone calls and when I would tell him I loved him he'd always argue, "I love you more!"  I remembered our trips to the zoo, him teaching me about guns and cars, and the way that, even when his memory was all but gone, his wit and humor were still sharp as a tack.  I am proud to be related to such an amazing person and rejoice over the amazing life he lived.

...part two coming soon.


  1. looks like a great year packed with friends & fun! :)
    i am with you on the online classes - i can't focus to do them!

    1. ugh, they are the worst!! are you taking any now? if so, my heart is with you...