Transitional Style With Twice

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Living in LA for the past few years has really taught me the value of thrift store shopping.  I've always hated malls (well, except for the ones that house Cinnabons) and living within walking distance to so many great vintage and thrift stores has pretty much eliminated the need to ever set foot inside a mall again.  I especially love Crossroads because everything is already sorted through so I know that anything I find will be in great condition and in style.  Plus, it's nice to know that by buying secondhand I am helping somewhat to lower my carbon footprint.

Recently I stumbled upon an online store of the same variety called Twice and was immediately hooked.  I snatched up this Anthropologie dress with a 50% off coupon I'd found, bringing the total to $32.48 with free shipping.  It was originally $184.80!  It's a beautiful, high quality piece that transitions perfectly from late Summer to early Fall and I have a feeling it will be a staple in my closet for years to come.  It fit perfectly, but even if it hadn't Twice has a 30 day full refund policy and they'll even pay for the shipping.  It's a win-win!  If you're interested in checking out Twice you can sign up here and get a $20 credit!

Have you ever bought used clothes online?  What was your experience like?

Dress: Anthropologie via Twice
Shoes: Old Navy (old, similar here)