5 Very Important Updates

Thursday, September 11, 2014

That shirt is probably the best gift I've ever bought.

1.  As of last weekend I am officially a member of the LA Unbound dance company!  I'm so stoked to be on stage performing again come December, even if it means I'll be wearing this.

2.  I can officially cross "Call 911 Because I Think I'm Having A Heart Attack Only To Be Told It's Probably Gas" off my bucket list.  Yeah, for real.

3. My home-brew master of a husband just won first place at the county fair for one of his beers.  (see photo above)  The beer is called "Thomas Hefferson" and it was all the paramedics could talk about as they were watching me try to convince them I was dying.  So blase.

4. I'm REALLY excited to start school.  Like, I already have my schedule mapped out and my outfit picked out and have told myself the same lie I've been telling myself for 14 years that THIS will be the year that I do things on time and don't stay up til 3 AM writing a paper that's due the next day.

5. I know I said I wasn't ready, but with news that next Monday is supposed to be 100 degrees (!!!) I'm getting a teeeensy bit jealous of those of you who are starting to enjoy Fall weather.