Question of the Month

Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Monday, friends!  Earlier this month I decided to incorporate a monthly Q & A to introduce you to some of the wonderful bloggers that have been hanging out on my sidebar.  I've loved getting to know these ladies and am continually encouraged by their writing.  I hope you will stop by their blogs and get to know them, too!

I don't know about you, but for me Spring tends to be a time of inspiration.  In that spirit, April's question of the month is:

Jenny from Wonderfully Complex

“Lately, my grandmother has been a real inspiration. She was just diagnosed with cancer and had colon surgery, but when I saw her this weekend she was beaming talking about all the art projects she has planned and the activities she’s been enjoying. She has such a joyful outlook on life that I hope to have when I’m her age.”


Amanda from Notes From a Newlywed

"I am inspired by the Mowry twins (aka Tia and Tamera). It's true, I'm a little obsessed with those sisters, but to me, they represent the best qualities in a woman today: Grace, professionalism, poise, kindness, sense of humor, and true beauty inside and out. They're great mothers, great wives, and great human beings. I think they both are fantastic role models in a day and age where upstanding people in Hollywood are hard to find."


Robyn from Robyn's Nest

"My parents and parents in general inspire me so much. Now that I'm married & working full time I struggle so much to get everything done that needs to get done every week. How my parents ever did it with me & my sister running around I will never know! There is so much to "adult life" that it really leaves you with little time for yourself & your family. Parents make so many sacrifices that we don't realize until we grow up & have our own kids. My parents somehow managed to raise two kids while still putting their marriage as a priority & I think that's pretty inspiring! "


Be sure to stop by and get to know these wonderful bloggers; each of them truly has been inspirational to me! And if you're interested in being part of the next question of the month check out my swap & sponsorship opportunities here!


  1. love this! so much inspiration in one post! :) thanks for the Q&A Amanda! :)

  2. Thanks so much for doing this! I think it's such a fun way to incorporate your sponsors into a post - love it!