DIY Brass Jewelry Holder

Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I spent mine celebrating birthdays, sipping wine, and painting... but more on that later.  Today I wanted to share a quick DIY with you that I did for Baller Hardware's design blog.  This cute little wood & brass jewelry holder is so easy to make and has added so much character to our bedroom.  Enjoy!  (And please excuse how creepy my hand look in these photos...)

 Today we have a super simple DIY project for a chic and modern jewelry holder.  I'm a sucker for dark wood & brass so for me this is the best of both worlds.  It can be hung as a single piece to display your favorite baubles or you can make multiple and scatter them to show off all your jewelry in one place.  Here's what you'll need:

1. 12' brass dowel
2. Cheap paintbrush
3. 1" x 1" flush mounts
4. 2" x 2" x 3" block
5. Medium grit sandpaper
6. Gorilla super glue
7. Wood stain (the color we used is Minwax's red mahogany 225)
8. Lint free rag

Begin by lightly sanding your block to remove any rough edges.  Wipe clean with a lint free cloth.

Stain the block with 3-4 coats of stain (depending on your desired color) allowing the block to dry for 10 minutes between coats.

Attach the brass dowel with the gorilla glue.  Allow to dry for 20 minutes.

Attach one half of the flush mount to the back of the block using a screwdriver and level, if needed.

Attach the other half of the flush mount to the wall like this:

Hang your jewelry holder by interlocking the brackets with those on the wall.  Style and enjoy!


  1. that's such a great idea! love how you can just slip things on & off with such ease!! :)

  2. This is such a cute idea! I'm actually in the process of DIY-ing a necklace holder for my growing pile of jewelry on my wardrobe, but now I like your idea so much more!

  3. Oh I LOVE this! Totally pinning it!!

  4. i am a huge fan of brass. i make most of my jewelry out of it! and i am always looking for new ways to display my ever growing collection of jewelry. thanks for this easy idea!

  5. It's gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing. Where did you get your brass dowels? Can't find them at Lowe's.

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! My family owns a hardware store, which is where I got these. I know a lot of the bog box stores don't carry them but some of the smaller independent hardware stores do!

  6. This is such a good idea, I love the pictures you added to every step of the way. I showed my husband this and he was super impressed. I will be doing this in my spare time as I am such a DIY person. I love to make ornaments and jewellery, since my childhood i have been obsessed with crafts.

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals