On Resolutions & Waiting Rooms

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I had lots of posts planned for this blog for the past two weeks, I swear.

I had recipes and outfits and a year-in-review and resolutions and other ideas that I had planned to post that seemed really important. 

And then we came up north and time slowed down a bit.  Suddenly spending time playing games with our family seemed just a little more important. And I felt a little guilty; like blogging and emailing and instagramming-so-I-don't-get-kicked-out-of-the-blogger-gift-exchange should have seem more important than it did. But it didn't.

And then we found ourselves in a hospital waiting room in the middle of nowhere, praying for the best but bracing for the worst. And none of that stuff was remotely important. Not even a little bit. In fact, it didn't even cross my mind. And I didn't feel a tinge of guilt about that because the cliche is true; that in those moments, everything comes into focus. In those moments of waiting and uncertainty and fear and tragedy and squeezing hands and prayer, in those moments all of the menial things that at one point seemed so so important just seem to fall off the face of the planet and only the truly, truly important things remain. Those moments hold a sense of sacredness that we just can't seem to cultivate in the busy-ness of everyday life.

For the record, our prayers were answered and things turned out okay in the end.

But that sense of importance has stayed with me. I had all these great new year's goals that I was pumped about accomplishing. I might still accomplish them, and that's great. But my resolution this year is not about doing more, or having more, or accomplishing more. It's simply to be present. To recognize the sacred in the everyday. To pick up the phone/ laptop/ tablet less and spend more time holding hands, looking into the faces of the ones I love, and focusing on what's really, truly important.

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  1. Glad things turned out ok! I always find it interesting that bloggers at one point will feel this quilt for neglecting our posts and focus on the present. I think I see it at least once a week where we apologize for being absent. I think it is good for us to step back a time or two to see what is happening around us. I am glad you had that time with your family!