Monday, December 2, 2013

How is it seriously Monday already?! We spent the past week celebrating the start to the holiday season with our friends and family and I'm definitely not ready to be back to school/ work just yet.

 Last weekend we hosted our annual Friendsgiving Feast.  I say "annual" as if we've been doing it forever but really this is only the second year.  But we are hoping to continue the tradition for many years to come!  We had twelve friends join us for cocktails, dinner and dessert and it is so much fun seeing "friend merging" occur.  Seriously, I just love it. (And our friends are really good at it!) This year was much less stressful than last year because I did some serious planning ahead and even made a few dishes earlier on in the week.  I broke a cardinal rule of hosting and made two main dishes that I've never made before, but luckily they both turned out fine. Here are some photos of the night, and I'll be sure to post recipes in the next week or so.

We drove up north on Wednesday to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Ty's family, complete with Liar's Dice and awkward family photos.  We also enjoyed some wine tasting and bocce ball with Ty's parents.  It was a lovely trip that flew by way too quickly.

We found a horse! At a winery..?

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