Early to Rise

Friday, November 15, 2013

One of my (many) New Year's resolutions this year was to start getting up earlier.  I am a very, uh, gifted sleeper and could easily sleep all day if left to my own devices.  But the truth is that I really don't like sleeping in.  I hate feeling like I've wasted a good chunk of my day and I double hate feeling rushed to get ready and get out the door to make it somewhere on time.  As hard as it can sometimes be to get out of bed it is always worth it.  But that pesky task of getting out of bed is what usually trips me up.

A few days ago I read this article from HuffPost titled "5 Things You Already Did Wrong Before 9 AM"  It's great and I highly suggest reading it if you don't consider yourself a "morning person."  My favorite suggestion they give is to stop hitting the snooze button:

     "Every time you hit the snooze button you are not doing what it is you set out to do that morning, which is get out of bed at whatever time you set the alarm for. You are therefore failing, miserably, at your first task of the day. Those seven minutes of guilty, woozy, semi-sleep is just not worth the karmic hangover."

Harsh, but true.  I have started getting up two hours before I need to leave the house and it has made a world of difference in how my day plays out.  Rather than starting out the day in a disorganized (and often hungry) panic, I leave my house feeling accomplished and at peace (and, usually by that point, fully awake!)

I'm not going to lie; even after getting up early almost every day it is still such a struggle for me.  I've found it takes near-ideal circumstances to pull me away from my bed in the morning, but with a little planning it's not impossible. Here are a couple of things that I do that make it a little bit easier.

1. Water- I keep a glass of water on my bedside table and as soon as my alarm goes off I chug it. I am typically dehydrated in the morning and dehydration makes me feel groggy, so it helps to get a jump start on my water consumption right away.

2. Light- When I was in high school my dad would come into my room in the morning and turn on the bright overhead light to wake me up.  It's brutal, but it works!  Now I usually opt for a bit of a softer wake up by turning on the lamp on my bedside table as soon as my alarm goes off.

3. Coffee- I realize this sort of works against the whole re-hydration goal, so that's extra motivation to drink water in the morning.  Setting the automatic timer on the coffeepot to go off when my alarm does lets me wake up to the scent (and sound) of coffee brewing.  That's a sure way to get me up!

4. Happy- Getting up in the morning is so much easier when I have something immediate to look forward to.  I have created a morning routine that makes me feel happy and at peace.  It includes slowly sipping my coffee, eating breakfast, catching up on blogs, and having quiet time with God.  These are little things but they make such a difference in the outcome of my day.

Do you consider yourself a morning person? What are some ways that you make mornings easier on yourself? I'd love to hear your comments!


  1. great advice! i wish my coffee pot had a timer! i use a french press and make it myself every morning :) i love the glass of water by the bed!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! And seriously, nothing compares to a good cup of french press coffee...