Weekend Edition

Monday, October 21, 2013

Between school and work our weekdays are pretty packed to the brim these days.  I work on Sunday mornings so currently Saturday is my only true day off, and we try really hard to make Saturdays count.  We started this Saturday off with a fantastic brunch (complete with mojito mimosas) and were having a grand ole time; that is, until we discovered... there's a rat living in our oven.

...I'm sorry, what?  That's a thing?  That happens to people?  Normal, non-hoarding, reasonably clean people?

Thank GOD our brunch was all via stovetop.  I'm traumatized- though probably not half as traumatized as I'll be once we catch the unholy beast.

Saturday night we celebrated my grandparents' 60th anniversary.  60 years!  When we asked my grandma how she got my grandpa to go out with her she replied, "I was a shameless hussy."  'Atta girl.

Bar lighting is quite flattering on humanoids.

After dinner my cousins and I went to play pool at a bar and I tried really hard to come off as the kind of girl who plays pool at bars.   Mostly I made myself look like an idiot by trying to chalk my stick with hand chalk (there's a dirty joke in there somewhere).  Fortunately the middle-aged group at the table next to us was too busy gawking at our skinny jeans to notice.  Unfortunately my little cousin has an iPhone and shamelessly posted said blunder to the interwebs.

Sunday afternoon we decorated the living room and tried to pretend Wormtail wasn't lurking in the other room.  We had a Thanksgiving-themed dinner with our small group and prayed the Lord would deliver us from the vermin.  Amen.

In anyone reading this has any tips for restoring our oven once the beast is caught I'd be glad to hear them!


  1. Aahh you still haven't caught it yet? Is it just running around inside your oven?? So scary!!

    1. Thankfully it's not in the part of the oven where the food goes (if that were the case we would probably have to throw the whole thing out!) It's in the insulation part which unfortunately we can't get to. We have traps set all around the perimeter and now are just waiting... once we catch it we'll probably have a specialist come look at the oven and see if it can be saved! Until then, the crock pot and toaster oven are saving the day.

  2. Oh my gosh, you crack me up! SO glad you caught the unholy beast.