Eyeglasses under $10!

Friday, October 18, 2013

It's no secret to those who know me that I am an avid misplacer of objects- that is, I lose just about everything I lay my hands on.  Keys, wallet, cell phone: you name it, I've probably lost it (within the past 24 hours, most likely.)  This has been a serious issue with glasses.  I lose, scratch, and break eyeglasses like it's my job.  That's a pretty pricey transgression when the average cost of eyeglasses is around $200.  But about a year ago I discovered Zenni Optical- an online retailer that sells eyeglasses for as low as $6!  None of their frames are over $50. 

Pair #1, $15.95
I love love love their eyeglasses.  Since they are so cheap I have been able to step outside my comfort zone a little to try frame shapes I wouldn't otherwise try.  You can also upload a photo of yourself and virtually "try on" just about any pair of their frames.  They also offer progressives, bifocals, sunglass tint, and anti-glare coating.

Pair #2, $19.00

I should add that this isn't a sponsored post. I have just been so thankful that this site was recommended to me that I figured I'd pass the info along!


  1. Do they do the lenses too? Or is it just frames?

  2. Yes they do- lenses come free with the purchase of any frames!