How To: Choose a Frame

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Below is an article I did for Baller Artware on what to know when getting a photo or piece of artwork professionally framed.  You can see the original article here!

It's no secret that getting artwork professionally framed is an investment.  Not only will framing enhance the beauty of your pieces, it will also protect them for years to come.  Good framing is in and of itself an art form, and thus the decision about where/ how/ with what to frame your art should be well thought out.  Professional framers often have an intuition about what will look good on a piece, but ultimately the decision is yours to make.  Here are some things to think about when you go in to a frame shop.

Know your budget: Frame shops typically carry hundreds of selections for frames, so knowing your budget ahead of time will help the framer narrow down the selections to those that will fit within your budget.  Frames can range anywhere from $4 per square foot to $30 per square foot, and there are beautiful options within every price range.

Think about the style of your home or office: Is it earthy? Modern? Classic?  You will want your piece to match the decor of the room that it will be in, so make a mental note of the overall feel of the surrounding area.

Decide on a mood for the piece: Would you like this piece to look ornate or simple? Do you want it to blend in with other art work or "pop" as the focal point of a room?  Communicate these intentions with the framer.

Know the environment: If your piece will be in a room that gets a lot of light you will want to have glass that offers UV protection.

Don't forget about matting: If a fancy colorful frame is simply not in your budget, fear not.  Adding a colored mat to your piece can contribute to the "wow" factor without severely jacking up the price.

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