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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

To all those who have been asking what in the world we are doing with our lives in the near future (I'm talkin' to you, Grandma) I'm happy to report we finally have a plan.

Ty will be starting at Cal State Northridge next month to purse a Master's Degree in Genius Math and I will be starting at Fuller with their Master's Program in Marriage and Family Therapy.  As a double student household we will most likely be spending even more Friday nights in pajamas by 9pm and eating even more meals like this.

In reality, we are both really excited to be going back to school.  For me though, it's been kind of scary to choose a narrowed-down direction of where my life is headed.  Tyler has known for over ten years that he wanted to be a math teacher.  I was never that kid.  The first thing I can ever remember wanting to be when I grew up was a Laker girl, and from then on my career aspirations only became more varied and obscure.  In the past two years alone I have seriously considered making my living as:

a chef
a veterinarian
a zookeeper
an editor
a teacher
an actress
a graphic designer
and an assistant in a senator's office. (That one was pretty short lived.)

I've always been told that "the world is my oyster" and while realistically my chances of getting into Veterinary School are preeetty slim at this point I've always seen my career opportunities as a near-endless array of possibility. 

However, pouring the time and finances into grad school is, in a way, shutting those doors and deciding to stick to one path (at least for awhile!)  I know people change their minds and that the stories of peoples' careers can take all sorts of twists and turns.  But in the past few months I've been affirmed that this is the path I'm meant to stick to.  And it's exciting!  Intimidating as it may be to commit to a certain direction for an extended period of time there also comes great comfort in knowing you are exactly where God wants you to be.

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