East Coast Adventures Part I- Washington D.C.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Our East Coast trip started out with a visit to two of our best friends in Washington D.C.  Typically our visits with Kevin and Krissy are brief, so we often have to pack a lot of catching up/ game playing/ adventuring into a short amount of time.  This time we had an entire week (!) to spend hanging out and exploring the city they have come to love so much.  We saw lots of monuments, went to more than a few museums, and drank plenty of wine along the way. 

One of the coolest things about D.C. is that there is always something going on.  As we were meandering around one afternoon we happened upon a celebration in honor of Azerbaijan, a country I previously had never even heard of.  We saw some awesome dancers, got some free ice cream, and learned a bit about a new culture.

Another great thing about D.C is that all of the Smithsonians are free! This was a huge bonus for us, as we still have a tendency to live like poor college kids.

Even the zoo was free!

Tyler comparing his wingspan
Basically my dream job

Exploring old town Alexandria


My favorite part of the trip was going wine tasting in Leesburg, Virginia.  The weather was beautiful, the company was unbeatable, and the scenery just absolutely blew me away.  Obviously, many photo shoots ensued.


I can't deal.

getting on the back of a 6'9'' man is not as easy as it looks

us with the owner of this winery, which is run out of his 1820's home

Sorry for the overload of pictures... I just couldn't help myself.

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