God Can't Be Kept Out

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's a pretty common issue every year around this time:

"Keep the CHRIST in Christmas."

But this year, in light of recent events, blame is rampant.

If only we had kept "under God" in the pledge of allegiance...
If only we had allowed prayer in schools....
If only...

...As if God is somehow punishing those kids and their families for the laws set in place by their government.

Or worse- that those laws actually erect some kind of invisible barrier that, try as He might, God just can't seem to penetrate.

Call me emergent, but I just don't think that's how God works.

"God can be wherever God wants to be. God needs no formal invitation. We couldn’t “systematically remove” God if we tried.

If the incarnation teaches us anything, it’s that God can be found everywhere: in a cattle trough, on a throne, among the poor, with the sick, on a donkey, in a fishing boat, with the junkie, with the prostitute, with the hypocrite, with the forgotten, in places of power, in places of oppression, in poverty, in wealth, where God’s name is known, where it is unknown, with our friends, with our enemies, in our convictions, in our doubts, in life, in death, at the table, on the cross, and in every kindergarten classroom from Sandy Hook to Shanghai. "

-Rachel Held Evans

I encourage you to read the rest of Rachel's article here

I for one believe that prayer should be kept in schools, that the name of God should remain in the Pledge of Allegiance and on our money, and yes, that we should remember what Christmas is truly about.  But I also believe that we should not make God so small that we think we have any power to control where He is and will be.

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