Monday, November 5, 2012

Ty had this past Thursday off work so we enjoyed an extra-long weekend.  On Thursday night we went out to the Arts district and there are a few gems there that I would feel selfish not sharing with you.  If there are any girls reading this who are desperate to impress a guy (hello, Amanda circa 2010) these three stops are sure to win him over.

1. Angel City Brewery: Unfortunately they are currently undergoing a huge renovation so they may not be opening up again until the end of this month.  But I promise it is well worth the wait!   Located in the old Roebling & Sons building (Roebling was the engineer who built the Brooklyn Bridge) ACB doubles as a brewery and an art gallery.  Walking along the halls, admiring (and pretending to understand) local art whilst sipping a craft beer is enough to make even me feel hip.

2. Wurstkuche: This is not where you go for an authentic German experience.  (You can head over to Red Lion Tavern for that.)  This is where you go to eat sausages stuffed with sundried tomato & mozzarella, drink fancy overpriced Belgian beers, and stuff your face with the tastiest truffle fries known to man dipped in fancy sauces that probably don't exist in Germany.  Seriously.  Spring the extra 2 bucks for the truffle fries. Just trust me.

3. The Pie Hole: At this point all the beer and sausage and fries are probably making you feel like you need to be rolled across the street.  That means you're doing it right. Luckily the final stop is literally right across the street, so only a minimal mount of rolling will need to occur. (Though, contrary to popular belief, boys tend to find that very, very attractive.)  The pie hole is cool.  Way too cool for me to set my non-moccasin-clad-feet into.  But when pie is involved all social confines go out the window.  I was mildly intimidated when we walked in, but that disappeared as soon as we got our slice of Mexican chocolate pie.  Get it. Split it.  It's cute and really necessary.  You will not regret this decision.

Okay, moving on to the real purpose of this post.  Besides a fabulous date night, another very important and wonderful thing occurred this weekend.

Just look at that face.

 We welcomed Gatsby into our home!  We saw this little guy at the pound on Saturday (it's a frequent hangout spot for us) and just fell in love.  Originally we weren't planning on adopting a dog until after my position at Pepperdine was finished, but we couldn't wait.  He is a one year old cocker spaniel/ setter/ who-knows-what mix who was abandoned by his former owners.  I can't fathom how someone could abandon an animal... especially this one.  He is super smart, extremely well behaved, and a total lover.  He's too big to sit on my lap but I don't have the heart to tell him that.  We love him a whole lot and are really looking forward to the day the cat does too.

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