Our Wedding Part II: The Ceremony

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ty and I noticed when we were planning our wedding that so much thought and effort goes into making the reception fun and beautiful that often the most important part of the day gets overlooked- the ceremony!  That is what a wedding is all about, after all, right?  We got married in the outdoor oak grove of a church right down the street from Tyler's house.  It was beautiful exactly as it was, but nonetheless I semi-freaked (okay, or totally freaked) about the details... who would sit where? How would we keep flowers from wilting? How could we make sure the bridesmaids and I weren't seen before the ceremony started? ...and on and on it went.

But as the ceremony started and I walked down the aisle I truly did not notice anything besides Tyler.  I had no clue who was there. I totally forgot about the flowers until I saw pictures of them later.  I didn't even notice the fact that it was 243 degrees (at least not until communion when sweat started dripping profusely down my legs.)  Tyler was all that I could focus on, and all I could think about was the fact that he was about to be my husband.

We were SO blessed to be married by our dear friend, Brad.  He and his wife Olivia were Tyler's youth pastor's in 6th grade, and Ty also got to live with their family in Chicago last year.  They have been such an amazing support to us, and we really believe that their presence in our lives is and has been such a tangible showing of God's Love and Grace.  Plus they have the cutest kids on the planet. (Prepare yourself: photos of Flannery and Asher will come in a later post and will probably make you wither up on the floor from all the sweetness.  It happens.)

I felt God's hand upon us so strongly throughout the ceremony- from my bridesmaids praying over me beforehand, to watching my cousins light a candle in memory of my mom, to taking our first communion as husband and wife, to saying our vows that we wrote for each other.  Forgive the overabundance of photos in this post- I can't help it!

 (that last one is one of my favorites.)

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Manda! Tyler looks ecstatic and you look gorgeous, and you both look so HAPPY!! I'm so grateful I could be a part of this day with you both. I miss you!

  2. you had such a gorgeous wedding! Honestly, so beautiful!