Our Wedding Part I: Getting Ready

Thursday, September 6, 2012

As I look over our wedding photos I just can't help but sit back and revel in the sweet memories from July 21st.  The entire week leading up the wedding was a blur of family and friends and to-do lists and burlap and lavender.  We were blessed with the presence of so many helping hands who were around to do everything from chopping tomatoes to tying program ribbons to offering prayer and support.  A team of bridesmaids, groomsmen, and friends stayed up late on the night before the wedding to make sure boutonnieres and bouquets were ready to go.  And in my opinion (though I admit I'm a bit biased),  our wedding day was perfect- from start to finish!

The wonderful Baffoni family was so generous in letting us stay with them for a few nights leading up to the wedding.  Janis cooked us an AMAZING breakfast, and the entire morning was relaxed and slow-paced.  I woke up feeling completely peaceful and had such a blast getting ready with some of my closest friends.  Here are some of the photos from the morning. (Click the pictures for a closer view.) Enjoy!

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  1. What gorgeous photos! I loved being able to share in that special day! It was just perfect!