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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I've learned there are two things you're supposed to do when you're a young Newlywed:

1. Get a dog.
2. Start a blog.

I'm still patiently waiting on the first of those.  But in the meantime, here we are.  I'm not big on doing things purposelessly so here are some of the reasons why we decided to carve out our own little corner of the blogosphere:

- We live in Los Angeles and, while my immediate family is close by, many of our friends and family are spread out across the country (and beyond!)  This is one medium through which we can keep in touch with those we love.

- My husband will be working as an intern for Malibu Presbyterian Church for the next year-ish.  He will be involved with the University Ministries and helping college students through some of the best/ hardest/ craziest/ most challenging years of their lives.  Retreats, peanut butter, and water ballons may be involved.  These things need to be documented.

- I've always loved to write, but I'm SO undisciplined with it.  This will be a way that both Ty and I can foster our talents.... and occasionaly wordvomit publicly.

So there you have it!  Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully the next post will contain news of the first part of that Newlywed requirement...

Til then,


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  2. I never knew the other blog existed.... after scrolling through it, I'm excited for this one!

  3. So happy you have carved out a corner of the blogosphere. Love you both!